Friday, February 08, 2013

Salam Jumaat

Have you seen the previous entry? kekekeke. akhirnya.. selepas 2 bulan bertapa sepi tanpa entry :D my bad. 
sad to say, that is the first one for 2013! err.. i guess it is still not too late to wish Happy New Year?! :">

I believe I'm not the only one neglecting my blog since instagram jadi popular! excuses, excuses! yes, it's the same picture from my instagram :) After a long search on the net, I managed to find the way to do it :> by 'it' I mean to send the instagram pictures to blogspot, as an entry. all thanks to IFTTT. oh, I did found alot of tutorials on how to put the the pictures in Blogger Sidebar.. which is not what I was looking for! nanti kalau rajin I'll post about it ye? 'kalau' being the operative word here :)

 I guess lepas ni you'll see the same photo in my instagram, facebook & blog :D muntah darah lah :P

{instagram} Happy birthday Dila.. may Allah bless you! #instablog

via Instagram


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