Friday, March 18, 2005

HaPPy BirThDay ALONG!!!!!

happy birth day to you..
happy birth day to you..
happy birth day to ALONG..
happy birth day to you..

may ALLAh BLESS U.. enjoy ur life..
sorry.. x de hadiah ;)
p/s: bila nak kawin?? ahaks!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

College Festival - abseiling & eating!!!!

Erm.. today i try the abseiling at hb4.. it was fun and exciting.. At first i was afraid i might fall.. scary!!! but then after they coached me, i managed to released the rope slowly and without i realised it, i was on the ground! wah.. so easy and so fast ;) actually it was not as high as the one that i tried when i was in high school.. but it 's scarier because there's holes!!! (",) however, it's an unforgetable experience and i would like to try again.. but there's so many people and i have to give way to others :) Rugi sapa x cuba!!!hehehe..

after that we(with my fwends) went to buy foods.. i've try nasi ayam and it is tasty.. at last i found the one that i like ;) and air kelapa.. sedaaaaaaaappp!!!

p/s : I met mr Hilmy there.. sir, did u try it? hehehehe....


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